The Rohan family in Paris in the 18th century

Have you ever heard of the affair of the queen’s necklace that involved Marie-Antoinette and inspired many films ? Yes, you are right, Rohan was the name of the cardinal who 180pxlouisreneedouardderohan.jpegwas then suspected.




Actually, the Rohan family was one of the most powerful and wealthiest in France and they ordered many important constructions such as the Hôtel de Soubise with its magnificent Rococo rooms.



They had a very modest moto indeed : « Roi ne puis, prince ne daigne, Rohan suis » which means « King I cannot, Prince I would not deign to, Rohan I am ». They claimed they were the descendants of the kings of Brittany and that their origins were even more ancient than the ones of the king of France. 


In Paris, we will follow their steps in the Marais district around the Place des Vosges. 

Les visites d’Eurydice (English)


My name is Aurore, I am a guide and also an actress. I have been fond of history since I was a very little girl. My favorite period is the 18th century in all its developments. I am studying it as a scholar (I am working on Louis XVI’s image), as an artist (baroque dancing and singing, fencing), as a reenactress with the Menus-Plaisirs company and even as a cook when I have some time to spend dining with my friends.

And I will precisely welcome you as friends to my tours. Of course, I will not probably have time to cook you an 18th century meal but we will share something even better: a journey in the past. I will do my best to give you a living history experience.

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